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Where Do I Start With The Storytelling Drumbeat For Our API?

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes storytelling around an API. Many of us who have been in the space, have followed the lead of Twitter, Twilio, Amazon, and others, but when you are new to the space, knowing where to start can often be paralyzing. This is something I am regularly helping clients and partners think through, and while I'm thinking through the topic with SecureDB, I figured I'd share the details with you my readers.

If you are unfamiliar with how the API Evangelist network operates, I have common building blocks available for almost 20 core stops along the API lifecycle. However, when many of my partners and clients are just getting going, they are often overwhelmed by the volume of data I provide, so I regularly find myself tailoring, and distilling down a specific strategy for each conversation I engage in. I wanted to help SecureDB understand where they can start with evangelism from day one, by providing a 101 list for API evangelism, but before I could do this, I needed to make sure they had a few API building blocks in place first.

Wait...before we got going with a 101 API evangelism list, let's make sure the most essential element is present?

Now, let's make sure the minimum viable API management building blocks are in place to support evangelism efforts:

With this base, now I can explore some initial API evangelism building blocks SecureDB can think about:

This list personalized for SecureDB, from the numerous building blocks I've aggregated across API management and evangelism strategies I've helped craft, and gathered by watching the approach of leading API providers. This is why I partner with companies like SecureDB, so that I can move forward, and ultimately share the information I've gathered, personalized in different ways, as a regular drumbeat on my blog(aka storytelling). It helps me evolve my ideas, share them with partners and clients, as well as with you my readers.

This is just an example of what I do behind the scenes for my partners, and an example of the approach brought to the table by my APIWare partner. Let me know if we can help you get over the hump with your API strategy, whether you are at the beginning of the journey like SecureDB, or further down the line--I am happy to talk to you at any stage.