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75% Of Your API Efforts In The Enterprise Will Be Cultural And Political, Not Technical

I started API Evangelist, because I saw a huge deficiency in the overall API conversation--nobody was talking about the business of all of this, and how you actually make money doing this emerging web API thing. Over time, I also discovered that very few people were also studying, and discussing the politics of APIs. Sure, when something flares up around terms of service violations, or there is an acquisition that the community dislikes, we discuss it, but we have to talk about the political issues in real-time, not at polarize-time.

From my vantage point, the business and politics of API operations, internal as well as external influences, continue to be the number one things that negatively impact API operations, over anything technical. Let's just look at a couple examples of this in action:

These are just a handful of the common business and political roadblocks you will encounter doing APIs. I do not care how solid your API design, and deployment strategy might be, when you come up against many of these currents listed above, the tech does not always win. I've seen API effort, after API effort fail because of these common challenges, that we all face.

For us technologists, it can be easy to sit at our corners, and craft a vision of the perfect world we want, but often it is oil, in a water filled world. I am not saying your API vision can't make change, but you have to equipped to understand that 75% of your efforts in the enterprise, organizations, and government agencies will be about culture, politics, and business--not technical.