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Identifying The Important Work From The @SunlightFoundation I Would Like To See Live On

I am saddened to hear the news of the Sunlight Foundation dimming the lights on their important work around government transparency. They have provided me a constant spotlight on government activity, and provide a model for me when it comes to opening up government data, and providing APIs that can make a difference. Having helped run non-profit organizations, working to make social change, I know this can be a very difficult thing to keep above water.

I have already reached out to the Sunlight foundation staff letting them know I'm here to help with any API related projects, and happy to fund their existence until I can find a suitable, caring adoption situations for them. First up, I wanted to make sure and go through their APIs, and make sure there is a current OpenAPI Specification snapshot for each one, in case they get shuttered:

Next, I wanted to go through their Github repositories and identify any repos that contained data, server, and client code that is API related. In doing this I also found some interesting visualizations built on top of their work, that I think are worthy of showcasing and preserving:

I only went back to 2013 looking for projects in the Sunlight Foundation Github account, because I felt if it hasn't been updated or touched in that time, I probably won't have time to touch it myself. In addition to visualizations, going through their Github account showed me that there is also some interesting scraping work that should also be targeted for keeping alive, as well as open data, API, and visualization projects.

There is a lot of amazing work present in the Sunlight Foundation APIs and Github repositories. I am just as bummed as many of the comments on their blog, and via the Twittersphere express (some friendly, and some not so friendly), but having worked for the White House, and lived in the world of APIs for the last six years I know that nothing is permanent, and all good things will go away in time--usually due to budgetary and investment scenarios. None of it stops me from doing the hard work that needs to be done, and there is still a lot more to occur around the Sunlight Foundation.