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The Google Baseline For A User Account Area

I have a minimum definition for what I consider to be a good portal for an API, and was spending some time thinking about a baseline definition for the API developer account portion of that portal, as well as potentially any other authenticated, and validated platform user. I want a baseline user account definition that I could use as aa base, and the best one out there off the top of my head would be from Google.

To support my work I went through my Google account page and outlined the basic building blocks of the Google account:

These are all building blocks I will add to my API management research, with an overlap with my API portal research. I'm not sure how many of them I will end up recommending as part of my formal guide, but it provides a nice set of things that seem like they SHOULD be present in all online services we use. Google also had two other tools present here, that overlap with my security and privacy research:

I am going to be going through Google's privacy and security sections, grabbing any relevant building blocks that providers should be considering as part their API operations as well. For now, I'm just going to add this to the list of things I think should be present in the accounts of third party platform users, whether they are a developer, partner, or otherwise.

I would also like to consider what other providers offer accounts features I'd like to emulate. Like Amazon, Dropbox, and other leading providers. I would also like to take another look at what the API management providers like 3Scale offer in this area. Eventually, I want to have an industry guide that API providers can follow when thinking about what they should be offering as part of their user accounts.