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Dedicated Space For Telling The Stories Of Your API Consumers

Telling the story of what your  API accomplishes may seem like a pretty simple, straightforward thing, but you'd be surprised how many API providers DO NOT do this on a regular basis, or do not have dedicated stories, showcase, or similar section to their website. This is why I beat this drum on a regular basis -- if you do not tell the story of the cool things people are doing with your API or your API services, they will never know how your solution works, and will probably never think of your service again--even with they actually have that specific problem that you solve.

To help demonstrate this in a very meta way, I am going to showcase how my clients, showcase their clients. Deep man. Next up is my partner DreamFactory, providing six very compelling stories about how their API deployment and management platform is being put to use:

Honestly, this type of blog posts makes for easy content for me, and obviously, it makes my partner DreamFactory happy, but more importantly, it is yet ANOTHER reminder for you to tell the story of the people who are using your APIs and services. Telling stories is essential to you obtaining new customers, but it is also essential for analysts like me to understand the real things being done with your APIs, allowing us to cut through the hype of the tech space.

Take another look at your API storytelling apparatus. Do you have an engineering blog or a blog dedicated to your API? Do you have stories, testimonials, customer showcase, or other dedicated areas for telling stories about your customers? Do you actively share these stories via your company's social channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more? Just a few of the questions you should be asking.