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People Doing Interesting Things With APIs

I just wanted to take a moment and highlight some folks who are doing interesting things with APIs. I spend a lot of time focusing on the companies, products, and services from the sector, but I don't talk a lot about individual people. So I wanted to pause for a moment and just highlight a couple of people doing really interesting things with APIs right now.

If have been paying attention to API definitions in the last year, then you probably have come across APIs.guru, the Wikipedia for APIs. They have 244 OpenAPI definitions available in their catalog, which is the most comprehensive directory of machine readable API definitions out there. If you have an OpenAPI for your API you should be publishing it to APIs.guru. if you don't, you should be creating one, and then publishing it to APIs.guru.

Here are the hardworking, API-savvy folks behind APIs.guru:

Ivan Goncharov

Roman Hotsiy


I am in the middle of a project where I am building on the work these two have invested in with APIs.guru. I'm hoping that with the next wave of this work, I'll have some complete API definitions I can contribute to APIs.guru. I encourage you to make sure your API definitions are published to the directory so that other people like me can include your APIs in our work.

Beyond the APIs.guru directory, I recommend checking out their Github repository, as they are doing some interesting things with GraphQL. If you need help crafting an API definition for your API platform, or in need of other API advice, I recommend messaging the APIs.guru team. I'm sure they'd be happy to talk to you, and see where they can help you with your API efforts.