[{"view_sort":"A", "name":"API Design Industry Guide", "identifier":"api-design-guide", "url":"http://apis.how/jxcvi8wng2", "description":"My API design industry guide, documenting the companies, apis, tools, and common building blocks across the API design stop along the API lifecycle. API design is much more than just REST, and there is a growing industry emerging when it comes to the discipline. My goal is to try and take a regular snapshot of my API design research, and publish here as an industry guide that people of all skill levels can learn from.", "image":"https://s3.amazonaws.com/kinlane-productions/whitepapers/design/api-evangelist-api-design-guide-may-2016-cover.png", "imagewidth":"250", "category":"API Lifecycle Research", "brand":"API Evangelist"}, {"view_sort":"A", "name":"API Definitions Industry Guide", "identifier":"api-definition-guide", "url":"http://apis.how/oq38yeqkkd", "description":"This is the most important area of my API research. API definitions are impacting every stop along the API lifecycle and this my effort to take a snapshot of the organizations, apis, tools, and common building blocks in play when it comes to defining APIs. This research goes beyone just API definitions like OpenAPI, and includes schema, and other standards that are being used to define APIs across the spectrum.", "image":"http://kinlane-productions.s3.amazonaws.com/api_evangelist_site/blog/api_definitions_2017_03.png", "imagewidth":"250", "category":"API Lifecycle Research", "brand":"API Evangelist"}, {"view_sort":"A", "name":"API Deployment Industry Guide", "identifier":"api-deployment-guide", "url":"http://apis.how/luztdufwj0", "description":"When I first starting doing API Evangelist everything was about management. People would ask me which of the API management service provider are going to help them deploy their APIs, and I would respond none of them. Times have changed, and more of them will help you deploy, as well as manage your APIs, but my research continues. This is my API deployment industry guide, helping people make sense of what is possible when it comes to deploying APIs in 2017.", "image":"https://s3.amazonaws.com/kinlane-productions/whitepapers/deployment/api-evangelist-api-deployment-guide-may-2016-cover.png", "imagewidth":"250", "category":"API Lifecycle Research", "brand":"API Evangelist"}, {"view_sort":"A", "name":"API Management Industry Guide", "identifier":"api-management-guide", "url":"http://apis.how/lwnwnbrqhu", "description":"API management is the oldest area of my research, studying what the successful API providers are doing to manage their operations. This is the result of my research into the companies, services, tools, APIs, and latest news who are catering to what API providers are needing. I work to make it a mix of what API service providers are doing, as well as the best practices from successful API providers.", "image":"https://s3.amazonaws.com/kinlane-productions/whitepapers/management/api-evangelist-api-management-guide-may-2016-cover.png", "imagewidth":"250", "category":"API Lifecycle Research", "brand":"API Evangelist"}, {"view_sort":"A", "name":"The History of APIs", "identifier":"history-of-apis", "url":"http://apis.how/i2ixxdj3sq", "description":"This research started about just determining when web APIs started to evolve. Then once I started noticing other trends like social, cloud, and mobile, I thought it needed a little more investigation. After first doing the research I began adding to it every year, resulting in my ongoing history of APIs guide.", "image":"https://s3.amazonaws.com/kinlane-productions/whitepapers/history/api-evangelist-history-of-apis-may-2016-cover.png", "imagewidth":"250", "category":"History", "brand":"API Evangelist"}, {"view_sort":"A", "name":"250 API Pricing Pages", "identifier":"205-api-pricing-pages", "url":"http://apis.how/izwh3t2ofz", "description":"I look at a lot of pricing and plan pages for APIs. As I was doing my research into the common approaches to API plans I thought it would be useful to share some of the leading examples of these pages, to help act as a sort of design guide for API plan pages. Eventually this guid will evolve beyond just the screenshots, and actually provide machine readable patterns and UI elements thta anyone can put to use.", "image":"http://kinlane-productions.s3.amazonaws.com/api-evangelist-site/blog/api-evangelist-250-pricing-and-plan-pages.png", "imagewidth":"250", "category":"Monetization", "brand":"API Evangelist"}]