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API Evangelist Network

I have been trying to get a handle on the network of API Evangelist projects I have going on, and provide simple, easy to use, access to all my news, analysis, building blocks, companies and tools.

To help give me, and hopefully you, a single doorway to everything I am working on, I created a network map. As with everything it will change often, and hopefully someday become dynamic and real-time.

(each node is clickable, if its public and ready!)

Terms of Service API Voice BaaS Single Page Apps Monetization API Management API Evangelist Embeddable Voice Aggregation Visualization Reciprocity Realtime Webhooks Security oAuth Analysis Scraping Data API Integration API Discovery API 101 API Deployment Hypermedia APIs API Design

In addition to these core areas of the API economy, I'm researching other areas I simply call opportunities and priorities:

Image Map