--- published: true layout: post title: 'API Documentation' image: http://sdkbridge.com/images/ui/SDKBridge-logo.gif --- The ability to explain your API to developers and potential developers critical to the success of your API. While it's important to be able to explain to potential business partners and customers about the problems your API solves, at the end of the day it is crucial that you be able to provide them with the tools -- and the documentation -- to actually do it.

The importance of documentation -- samples, training materials, guides, docs -- can't be understated. Quality documentation and reference material for your Application Programming Interface (API) can be the difference between a developer adopting your API or moving on to another vendor. And yet these can be difficult documents to collect and/or to write.

SDK Bridge is a company that specializes in explaining technology through documentation and software development kits. It provides a variety of API-related services including:

These services can be a critical piece of delivering your API. SDK Bridge says that it is a bridge between people and technology. So very true.

SDK Bridge provides a set of services that any business looking to deliver an API should evaluate. Even though you many be able to generate your own marketing materials, SDK and other supporting API documents, you may find more value bring in an outside perspective to make sure you explain how your API solves problems, adds value, and can be successfully integrated to customers systems.