"You Think There Are a Lot of APIs Now? Wait Until Evrythng Has An API!"

We are in the middle of an era of unprecedented growth in the number of available web APIs. In March 2011 ProgrammableWeb hit 3000 APIs in its directory, and is already up to 3,287 APIs as of today.

This is nothing. If you want a glimpse into the future of APIs, take a look at Evrythng.

Evrythng allows you to create online presence for any sort of object - products, business assets, vehicles, trees, buildings, and beyond.

Evrythng then gives you a management system to organise and operate an online presence forobjects, storing active profiles and updates, controlling access, and tracking usage. Evrythng creates a unique online identity for every object, providing a presence on the Web through a globally accessible URI.

Now this is where it really gets good. Evrythng also provides a RESTful API toolset and secure software �infrastructure' to share, manage and access real-time information about physical things.

Using the Evrythng API, you can directly connect real world objects and databases to Evrythng, allowing developers to mashup object information, add and exchange information with other objects, then combine and coordinate information and interaction across multiple applications and interfaces.

Evrythng wants to be the �Facebook for Things', giving physical things an individualdigital profile, and share real-time object information in a managed way.

If you think there are a lot of web APIs now, wait until every object on earth can potentially be accessed through APIs.