API Marketplace Mashape Raises $1.5M Seed Round

Mashape, the upcoming, self-service marketplace for APIs, which provides a platform to distribute, consume and manage cloud based APIs, has just closed $1.5M in seed funding.

The round was led by NEA, with Index Ventures, Charles River Ventures and Ignition Partners participating, and on the angel side of things, Jeff Bezos and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, as well as Erik Rannala, Russell Siegelman and Rick Webb jumped in.

Mashape is one of the most recent additions to the API management space, providing an end to end solution allowing you to deploy, manage and market your API from within the Mashape platform.    Mashape provides API management tools that can be found with other providers like Mashery, Apigee and 3Scale, but where they stand out is they also provide you with a library to deploy your API, auto-generate the code developers will need to integrate with your API, and a social API marketplace to generate attention and drive adoption around your API.

“ We have a very long term vision, we believe APIs will play a major role in the
world of Information Technology for the years to come - the interesting part
is that even companies not related to Internet as a core business, are now
integrating APIs into their products, such Toyota or Nike.” Mashape’s CEO
Augusto Marietti says.“ If we take a look into those startups that have more than 30 people, we notice that most of them are hiring 2 new positions: API evangelist and API engineer. Those
positions would never have existed 3 years ago. A new market is coming.”

Mashape steps into a space that is already dominated by heavy-weights like Layer7 and SOA Software, and has new players like Apigee, Mashery and 3Scale offering business and enterprise API solutions.  But Mashape brings a fresher, more social offering, that will appeal to the API hacker in all of us, and with a little more money in their pocket, maybe they can give the other players some serious competition in this new API economy.