Garrett Willkin - API Evangelist

Garrett Wilkin (@garrettwilkin) has been working with complex, high-performance, financial software systems for more than 6 years.  During this time he has learned to analyze and understand large software applications with dozens of concurrent processes.  He’s accustomed to complexity and excels at translating technical issues into higher level concepts for non-technical audiences.  

He feels passionately about the opportunities for collaboration and innovation that are being produced through the API trend of recent years.  He recently attended and participated in the hacking at Music Hack Day in Boston. Having been inspired by the electric, creative energy at this event, he’s seeking further engagement with the wider hacking community.

As a writer for ProgrammableWeb since March 2011 Garrett has written more than 100 articles on APIs and the strategies behind them. Because of their shared passion for creativity and innovation, he enjoys engaging the technical and business leadership from these companies in discussing their niche in the API space.

His latest web technology project seeks to use Twilio to bridge the technology gap in rural communities where many people lack familiarity with or access to the web.  Seeing value in the wisdom and cultural perspectives of these people who do not participate in our digital age, he hopes to use the old fashioned phone to facilitate their involvement.

Are You An API Evangelist Too?