Hypermedia Feels Like We Are Still Learning To Communicate With APIs

I’m looking through each of the worlds, of my hypermedia panelists, Mike Amundsen (@mamund), Mike Kelly (@mikekelly85), Steve Klabnik (@steveklabnik), Kevin Swiber (@kevinswiber), Jørn Wildt (@JornWildt), and Markus Lanthaler (@MarkusLanthaler), for API Craft tomorrow, reaquainting myself on what they bring to the hypermedia table, adding to my knowledge, and hopefully sharing some of the findings with you.

As I look through each of the hypermedia definitions, developed by my panelists, I keep feeling, that as API providers, there is still a lot of education that has to occur, to not just helping us better communicate with APIs, but also be more skilled at sharing and interacting around the resources we are making available via APIs.

I’ve been brushing up my knowledge on Collection+JSON, UBER, ALPS, HAL, Siren, Hydra, JSON-LD, json:api, Mason--9 spearate format that contribute to how we design our APIs.

When I think about the state of APIs, i see that we are barely using our words in our communication using APIs, what we say, and how we are saying it with our APIs, is still very crude, and unstructured. I feel like we are just toddlers, learning to use our words, sentences and playing nicely together. With the rich formats available to us, I feel that in 2014, I think we have to collectively get our butts to hypermeida school, and get educated—a lot of the work has been done for, we just need to get up to speed.

I see a handful of API providers employing hypermedia in their designs, but they are still few and far between.