My New API For Asking Questions Of APIs - The APIs.json Edition

I am currently trying to move forward the 917 companies, from 223 business areas, with a total 882 APIs catalogued, and 407 Swagger definitions created, while working on a distributed way to understand where the profiling for each company is, and how far in defining this in a machine readable way. I had kicked off another prototype APIs.json type a few months back I'm calling api-questions to handle just this, in a way that allows me to ask human readable questions about APis, while also storing in a distributed, machine readable format that can be indexed via each APIs.json file.

I have long tracked on what public APIs are doing in a database. I keep links to Github and Twitter profiles, blogs to pricing, and terms of service. I started publishing this information to APIs.json for the companies I track on a while back. I have the information, and I'm working my way through thousands of APIs, trying to make sure there is a complete definition available, I needed an automated way to help make sure I'm asking the right quesitons consistently of each API.

So, in addition to my list of Swagger oriented questions, I've compiled a list of the most common APIs.json defined, API operations related questions that I ask:

  • Is there an API? (the most important question of them all!)
  • Is there an APIs.json File?
  • Is there a blog?
  • Is there a blog RSS feed?
  • Is there a portal?
  • Is there a platform description?
  • Is there getting started information?
  • Is there documentation for the API?
  • Is there interactive documentation for the API?
  • Is there an authentication overview?
  • Is there self-service registration?
  • Is there request for access?
  • Is there code samples?
  • Is there code libraries?
  • Is there SDKs?
  • Is there email for support?
  • Is there an FAQ section?
  • Is there a knowledge base?
  • Is there a forum?
  • Is there a Twitter account?
  • Is there a LinkedIn account?
  • Is there a Github account?
  • Is there a pricing page?
  • Is there a rate limit page?
  • Is there a road map?
  • Is there a change log?
  • Is there a status page?
  • Is there a terms of service?
  • Is there a privacy policy? 


To help me along, I've created a simple API for management of my API related questions, then I created another API for asking these questions of specific APIs.json files. However if you want to use this API, you need an APIs.json index for your APIs, which all of mine in the API stack do--then it will spider and do its best to answer the  questions above, and return specific answers. 

The results are far from perfect, but it is a start. I will be making the questions more precise, and adding new questions. My goal is to have a real-time way of telling how complete my APIs.json files are, and where the work is that needs to be done--as I am doing the work.

I'm sure the definition of exactly what is a complete APIs.json definition is will continue to evolve, always resulting in a human having the final vote, but for now I will just keep defining, until I find the right balance between programmatic, and the human touch.