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Welcome to API Evangelist. My name is Kin Lane, and this is my domain, dedicated to understanding the world of APIs. My goal is to keep my home page of the site, the easy access to my entire network. You can read my blog, and look at my research page, but I will try to link as much of the API Evangelist network of sites together as I can, here on the home page. So if you ever get lost, just come back to the home page, and you can venture out again from there.

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Provide APIs (101)

Definitions {"101"} {"Research"}
Design {"101"} {"Research"}
Deployment {"101"} {"Research"}
Management {"101"} {"Research"}
Monitoring {"101"} {"Research"}
Testing {"101"} {"Research"}
Performance {"101"} {"Research"}
Security {"101"} {"Research"}
Monetization {"101"} {"Research"}
Discovery {"101"} {"Research"}
Evangelism {"101"} {"Research"}
Embeddable {"101"} {"Research"}
Scraping {"101"} {"Research"}

Consume APIs (101)

Discovery {"101"} {"Research"}
Authentication {"101"} {"Research"}
Integration {"101"} {"Research"}
Embeddable {"101"} {"Research"}

API Definitions

Swagger {"101"} {"Research"}
API Blueprint {"101"} {"Research"}
API Stack {"Research"}


Aggregation {"101"} {"Research"}
Reciprocity {"101"} {"Research"}
Real-Time {"101"} {"Research"}
Single Page Apps (SPA) {"101"} {"Research"}
Voice {"101"} {"Research"}
Hypermedia {"101"} {"Research"}
Containers {"101"} {"Research"}
Spreadsheets {"101"} {"Research"}


Federal Government {"101"} {"Research"}
City Government {"101"} {"Research"}
Universities {"101"} {"Research"}


News {"101"} {"Research"}
Email {"101"} {"Research"}
SMS {"101"} {"Research"}
MMS {"101"} {"Research"}
Images {"101"} {"Research"}
Video {"101"} {"Research"}
Payments {"101"} {"Research"}

Politics of APIs

Terms of Services (TOS) {"101"} {"Research"}
Patents {"101"} {"Research"}