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REST head Glenn Block (@gblock) over at Splunk asked a simple question on Twitter Wednesday night, Who is using Swagger? I responded, kicking off a conversation that a day later included Tony Tam (@fehguy) of Swagger, Uri Sarid (@usarid) of RAML, and Jakub Nesetril (@jakubnesetril) of API Blueprint.

After the fact, the conversation may be a little unwieldy to follow, but it contains enough insight and nuggets of information, I feel its worth publishing and hopefully continuing in other formats.

The conversation began on Twitter:

Then we moved to to stop blasting our Twitter followers:

    I will work to summarize and pull some stories from this. After I get more up to speed on what each provider is offering, the tooling surrounding their API definitions, I would also like to do a Google Hangout with the group. They are an smart, energetic bunch and Glenn knows how to stir the pot.

    Thanks everyone for participating, and Glenn for kicking off with your curiosity. I enjoy watching all y'all discuss the space. So very valuable!

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