APIs At Your University

I'm spending some time looking at how universities are using APIs across campus. I have been doing research in the area for a couple years, but I feel it is time that we generate more stories and blueprints, of how leading universities are putting them to use, so that the others can follow.

Right now I'm tracking on:

Brigham Young University

Cambridge University Library


University of British Columbia

University of California Berkeley

University of Michigan

University of Warsaw

University of Warwick

University of Washington

University of Waterloo

York University Library

Only University of Washington, University of Waterloo, University of Michigan, and UC Berkeley have formal API developer programs. The rest just have an API for a specific purpose. 

I'd like to see all universities have a formal API program, this is why I want to tell more stories and publish blueprints that schools can follow.

If you work at University or are a student, and you know of APIs that are listed, or even want to help evangelize APIs at your school let me know--I need you to help make this happen.