Every API Provider Should Have A Logo And Branding Page

I spend a lot of time looking for good quality logos to represent the companies I track on and write stories about. I have a certain vision in my head about how I want company listings and detail pages to look across the API Evangelist network—something that takes a lot of work.

To support this vision, I spend a lot of time looking for logos. Sometimes you can find them in the header of a website, but often times they are poor quality, not configured to be standalone, or difficult to get at for any number of other reasons--making my work a lot tougher.

I published a new list of 819 companies who are doing interesting things with APIs that I call The API Stack. After publishing the project, Concur, one of the travel API providers listed, tweeted at me asking if I could replace their logo with a better quality one from their official logo page--I did so very quickly!

I sure love me a good logo and branding page for an API. It makes my life easier, by giving me a single place to go get high quality logos, without having to open up my image editor. I wish that more API platforms would have a well designed logo page like Concur.