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An API For Developers To Access Their API Account Information

When I landed on the version 3.0 landing page for the Mailjet API, the first thing I noticed was their API configuration API. Providing a set of API endpoints for managing my own API usage is definitely something I can get behind, and think it is something worth showcasing.

As part of the API Configuration portion of their email API, Mailjet provides five separate endpoints for users to manage their API developer account.

I like this approach to providing developers with API access to their developer account details. It is an approach I’d like to explore and standardize using the 3Scale API. I think it is something I've written about before, but I couldn't find it.

API access to a developer account is something I haven't seen anywhere else, but I'll definitely be using Mailjet as a blueprint for demonstrating what is possible, and see if I can’t convince other API providers that it is a feature they should consider.