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Providing Multiple Types of API Sandboxes To Develop Against

I was going through the Cisco Devnet ecosystem and stumbled across their sandbox environment. I thought it was worth noting that they provided several different types of sandbox environments, with a rolling list of available sandbox instances at any point in time.

Cisco provides seven different types of sandboxes:

I like the diverse number of environments represented here. I've been seeing more virtualized environments show up in support of device-based API integrations--you just can't expect everyone to develop and test against the real thing. The significant area represented here for me is the compatibility and security testing sandbox environments--important areas of if we are going to harden integrations.

API definitions like OpenAPI Spec and API Blueprint, combined with recent advances in virtualization (aka containers), makes for a pretty rich environment for pushing forward the number of available sandbox environments that developers can take advantage of. I'd like to see more API providers offer sandbox environments, build up the capacity in this area, and get to the level where Cisco is already operating, and offer a rich variety of virtualized environments for developers to test their integrations against.