An API Policy Domain Specialist At Twitter

There are some jobs on the Internet I apply for no matter what my current situation is, and an API policy domain specialist at Twitter was one of them that popped up recently. I applied for the job within the first couple of hours after it came out, but haven’t heard from them. I can speculate on the reasons why, but I think a story about the job posting itself is actually more interesting, so I’ll focus there. It is the first time I’ve seen a job posting for this role, but I think it will eventually become a required role in the future for any company with a public API—-that is, if companies want avoid the trouble Twitter is going through right now, which again, is making Twitter the poster child for how to do APIs both right and wrong.

To highlight what this role is all about, I think Twitter’s own posting sums it up well, so let’s start by just reviewing what you’ll be doing if you get this job at Twitter: