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Welcome to API Evangelist. My name is Kin Lane, and this is my domain, where I work to better understand the world of the Application Programming Interface, or API. APIs are touching almost every aspect of our increasingly digital lives, and I am fortunate enough to spend each day tuned into this shift. I keep all of my research listed here on the home page of API Evangelist, something I am updating regularly, so come back here often, read my blog(s), and follow my twitterz (@kinlane and @apievangelist) for the latest.

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Core Areas of API Research:

Definitions {"Research"}
Design {"Research"}
Scraping {"Research"}
Deployment {"Research"}
DNS {"Research"}
Management {"Research"}
Monitoring {"Research"}
Testing {"Research"}
Performance {"Research"}
Monetization {"Research"}
Discovery {"Research"}
Evangelism {"Research"}
Embeddable {"Research"}
Clients {"Research"}
IDE {"Research"}
Virtualization {"Research"}
Visualization {"Research"}

Specifically with API Definitions

Swagger {"Research"}
API Blueprint {"Research"}
API Stack {"Research"}

Some Trends I Am Keeping An Eye On

Aggregation {"Research"}
Reciprocity {"Research"}
Real-Time {"Research"}
Single Page Apps (SPA) {"Research"}
Voice {"Research"}
Hypermedia {"Research"}
Containers {"Research"}
Spreadsheets {"Research"}
Internet of Things (IoT) {"Research"}
Software Defined Networking (SDN) {"Research"}


Federal Government {"Research"}
City Government {"Research"}
Universities {"Research"}


News {"Research"}
Email {"Research"}
SMS {"Research"}
MMS {"Research"}
Images {"Research"}
Video {"Research"}
Payments {"Research"}

Politics of APIs

Security {"Research"}
Terms of Services (TOS) {"Research"}
Privacy {"Research"}
Patents {"Research"}