{"API Evangelist"}

Welcome to API Evangelist. My name is Kin Lane, and this is my domain, where I work to better understand the world of the Application Programming Interface, usually referred to simply as API. APIs are touching almost every aspect of our increasingly digital lives. I keep all of my research, products, and services listed here on the home page, and is something that I am updating regularly, so come back often, read my blog(s), and follow me on the twitterz (@kinlane, and @apievangelist) for the latest.

My API Life Cycle Research:
Design {"Services"} {"Research"}
Hypermedia {"Services"} {"Research"}
Definitions {"Services"} {"Research"}
Domain Name System (DNS) {"Services"} {"Research"}
Low Hanging Fruit {"Services"} {"Research"}
Deployment {"Services"} {"Research"}
Virtualization {"Services"} {"Research"}
Containers {"Services"} {"Research"}
Serverless {"Services"} {"Research"}
Management {"Services"} {"Research"}
Portal {"Services"} {"Research"}
Getting started {"Services"} {"Research"}
Documentation {"Services"} {"Research"}
Frequently Asked Questions {"Services"} {"Research"}
Support {"Services"} {"Research"}
Road Map {"Services"} {"Research"}
Issues {"Services"} {"Research"}
Change Log {"Services"} {"Research"}
Monitoring {"Services"} {"Research"}
Testing {"Research"}
Performance {"Research"}
Authentication {"Research"}
Encryption {"Research"}
Security {"Research"}
Terms of Services (TOS) {"Research"}
Privacy {"Research"}
Licensing {"Research"}
Branding {"Services"} {"Research"}
Regulation {"Research"}
Patents {"Research"}
Discovery {"Services"} {"Research"}
Client {"Services"} {"Research"}
Command Line Interface (CLI) {"Research"}
Bots {"Research"}
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) {"Research"}
Software Development Kit (SDK) {"Services"} {"Research"}
Embeddable {"Services"} {"Research"}
Visualization {"Services"} {"Research"}
Webhooks {"Services"} {"Research"}
Logging {"Services"} {"Research"}
Aggregation {"Services"} {"Research"}
Scraping {"Services"} {"Research"}
Reciprocity {"Services"} {"Research"}
Orchestration {"Services"} {"Research"}
Real-Time {"Research"}
Voice {"Research"}
Spreadsheets {"Research"}
Monetization {"Services"} {"Research"}
Plans {"Services"} {"Research"}
Partners {"Services"} {"Research"}
Evangelism {"Services"} {"Research"}
Deprecation {"Services"} {"Research"}

My API Stack
Accounting APIs {"Research"}
Advertising APIs {"Research"}
Audio APIs {"Research"}
Auto APIs {"Research"}
Band APIs {"Research"}
Businesses APIs {"Research"}
Commerce APIs {"Research"}
Compute APIs {"Research"}
Content APIs {"Research"}
Documents APIs {"Research"}
Drone APIs {"Research"}
Education APIs {"Research"}
Email APIs {"Research"}
Energy APIs {"Research"}
Environment APIs {"Research"}
Events APIs {"Research"}
Financial News APIs {"Research"}
City Government APIs {"Research"}
State Government APIs {"Research"}
Federal Government APIs {"Research"}
Healthcare APIs {"Research"}
Home APIs {"Research"}
Image APIs {"Research"}
Language APIs {"Research"}
Library APIs {"Research"}
Link APIs {"Research"}
Mapping APIs {"Research"}
Messaging APIs {"Research"}
MMS APIs {"Research"}
Movies APIs {"Research"}
Music APIs {"Research"}
News APIs {"Research"}
Payment APIs {"Research"}
Photo APIs {"Research"}
Places APIs {"Research"}
Search APIs {"Research"}
Sharing Economy APIs {"Research"}
Shipping APIs {"Research"}
SMS APIs {"Research"}
Social APIs {"Research"}
Space APIs {"Research"}
Storage APIs {"Research"}
Travel APIs {"Research"}
University APIs {"Research"}
Users APIs {"Research"}
Video APIs {"Research"}
Voice APIs {"Research"}
Wearables APIs {"Research"}
Weather APIs {"Research"}

My Micro Tools
CSV to JSON Converter {"Use Tool"}
Minimum Viable API Operations Definition {"Use Tool"}
Create Your First APIs.json File {"Use Tool"}
Create Your First APIs.json File (minimum viable) {"Use Tool"}
APIs.json Subscriptions {"Use Tool"}
APIs.json Annotations {"Use Tool"}

It is important to remember, that all of my research sites, are actually machine readable projects, that run as Github repositories, and as I research the space, and gather more information, I publish to different areas. My research is constantly evolving, and being updated, and as you navigate my research, you are walking through my live workshop.

If you find a mess anywhere, please let me know via the Github issues for each project, or via Twitter and email if you need.