3Scale API Services

3Scale provides plug-and-play as well as enterprise level API management services. 3Scale is similar to 3Scale connect is a starter platform with a freemium model for delivering your API. You can deploy at no cost, and pay-as-you-go based upon the volume of calls made on your API. This model is well suited to those who are not sure of their API business model or target audience -- or are just looking to test the waters.

3Scale Enterprise offers unlimited scaling in the clouds and greater control over your API as your demand grows. 3Scale also provides higher levels of support for its enterprise level customers.

3Scale breaks their services down into:

  • API Management
  • API Monitoring & Statistics
  • Developer Community Portal
  • Billing & Payments
  • API Access Provisioning
  • High Quality Customer Support & SLA
3Scale also delivers with its own API to access their management platform, allowing you to seamlessly integrate their platform into your internal systems.

3Scale provides tutorials, white papers and other resources to assist you in planning, deploying and managing your API and community.