Reach Out

You can contact me with any questions or comments using the channels below, but with along with each channel I would also like to offer you some advice to help you make sure your messages are received, and get the response you are looking for.

  • Twitter - Your best bet for quick engagement is via Twitter. If you see me online, hit me up, I’ll usually respond when available.

  • Github - My entire network runs on Github, use the issue management for any of my sites–here is the repo for API Evangelist.

  • Do Something Interesting - Do something interesting, and get the word out via your blog, Twitter, or Github, and I’ll notice, and probably reach out.

  • Email - I try to work through my email, but I get more than I can process. I do my best, but email isn’t always the most efficient.

As a one person operation, I do my best to keep up with the channels listed above, but there are some weeks where I’m focused on research, coding, and writing, and may not always be available.

I appreciate your interest, and looking forward to talking more about APIs.