OpenID for API Registration

You want to make it as easy as possible for developers to get up and running with your API.

You don't want developers to fumble around with lengthy registrations and approval processes.

Your API registration needs to be simple and self-service. OpenID is one way to do this.

StackApps, the Stack Overflow API demonstrates this perfectly.

I wanted to see what was possible using the Stack Apps API. My objective is to integrate an API FAQ system with a Stack Overflow site.

I went to Stack Apps and clicked on registration. Stack Apps only gives OpenID for registration. They allow you to select from top providers like Google and Facebook or use your own OpenID provider.

With two clicks I was registered for a Stack Apps developer account, and with one more click I was registering my Application and getting my keys.

This is how easy you want to make it for developers to get up and going developing against your API. OpenID is the solution.