$40K Developer Contest from Binpress

Binpress is a marketplace for code, where software developers can buy and sell source code from each other. And it's holding a developer contest.

Binpress is looking for high quality code from professional developers thatkinlane-productions2.s3.amazonaws.comhed in the Binpress marketplace. Prizes include:
  • Grand Prizes of $17,000
  • Two Runner Up Prizes of $13,000
  • Six Best Submission per Language Prizes of $10,000.00
Contest submissions will be graded on the following attributes :
  • Development style and methodology - intelligent use of software design techniques and patterns.
  • Originality - how original is the submission.
  • Usefulness - how useful is the submission.
Some idea suggestions are:
  • Integrate popular APIs (such as Amazon or Paypal) into popular frameworks and platforms.
  • Create an administration panel to manage common entities in web applications (such as users)
  • Develop a standalone solution to handle media from multiple sources and formats
  • Be creative - but also develop something useful.
The contest is a great opportunity for developers to get exposure and make some money.

It is also is a great way for Binpress to create awareness of their source-code marketplace, the process around publishing code and grow their developer community.

Sponsors include Google, Amazon Web Services, and Paypal.