"Deltacloud Universal Cloud API"

I'm spending time going through RedHat's Deltacloud set of cloud APIs. They recently recently moved the project to the Apache Incubator and submitted it to the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) .

With the Deltacloud API you can start an instance on an internal cloud, then with the same code start another on Amazon EC2 or Rackspace. This seems like the closest thing we have at the moment, to a true cloud API standard.

Deltacloud Core provides:

  • Backward compatibility across versions
Deltacloud Aggregator provides a web UI in front of the Deltacloud API. With Deltacloud Aggregator, you can:
  • View image status and stats across clouds, all in one place
  • Migrate instances from one cloud to another
  • Manage images locally and provision them on any cloud
Deltacloud API and Aggregator are free and open source and support the following providers: They will also soon be supporting: They offer up a Ruby Gem for download. I will have to get a new environment up and running so I can play with. The ability to manage resources across multiple cloud providers and allowing for instance portability is very important to me. Hopefully I can get time to play with more.