"Instapaper Mobile App and API Strategy"

Marco Arment creator of Instapaper, is sharing his thoughts and strategy around the decision to discontinue the free version of the Instaper IPhone application.

A couple months ago he also shared his thinking behind providing a full read / write API for paid Instaper subscriber accounts.

There is a lot of value in both his posts regarding monetization of APIs and mobile applications, but there is another story here.

Arment is an innovator in the web, mobile, and API development space. His openess to sharing the thoughts behind his strategy in all these areas is extremely valuable to our industry.

This insight, experience and the surrounding discussion provides potential models for other startups to follow, and could be the difference between success or failure.

Arment doesn't claim his strategy is the solution, admits to many mistakes, and states he will course correct as necessary in the future.

There is a lot of value in thought leaders like Arment openly blogging about their mobile, web app, and API strategy, as well asopening up for discussion in other communities.