Amazon Affiliate Program is Integrated with Product API

The Amazon Associates Program allows web site owners to make money by marketing Amazon products on other their sites.

Users can market products using links and widgets they create by using the site stripe, a tool Amazon provides that builds code for links and widgets as they browse the Amazon web site.

Affiliate members can earn up to 15% in commission for referrals to the site that result in a purchase.

Amazon also provides a Product Advertising API for its more tech savvy affiliates to take advantage of.

The Product Advertising API allows affiliate developers to programmatically access Amazon's product catalog so that they can integrate Amazon products directly into their web sites and applications.

In addition to having access to the millions of products in its catalog, the Product Advertising API lets developers leverage Amazon's other features such as customer reviews, similar products, accessories, and listmania lists.

The most important aspect of Amazons approach to its affiliate and API offerings is that it automatically formats the URLs returned by the API to include the associate tag, which is the piece that links a referral and purchase to a developers affiliate account.

Amazon has been doing this a while, and they obviously have a solid vision of how an API and affiliate program can work together.