Layer 7 Technologies Launches New API Portal

Layer 7 Technologies recently launched a new API Portal platform. The new Layer 7 API portal provides API service providers with a secure, turn-key way to manage developers who build applications against their APIs.

They Layer 7 API Portal platform provides:

  • API Provisioning Tools
  • Rate & Account Plan Tools
  • Key, Token and Certification Authentication Management
  • Developer Registration & Account Management
  • Forums & Support Tools
  • Documentation & Resources
  • Content Management
  • Dashboard Creation and Management
  • Analytics, Metrics, and Reporting
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Enterprise-grade security and PCI DSS compliance
  • On-premise Deployment
The Layer 7 API portal provides all the common API management tools service providers, and developers are growing accustomed to.

The new API portal is the latest addition to the Layer 7 family of API gateway and cloud management tools. Layer 7 has been playing in the API space for a while now, but this portal represents a growing trend of API management tools targeting the enterprise.