"3Scale and Layer7 Partner for Secure API Management"

Two API service providers have brought their products together to deliver a more robust enterprise API solution. 3Scale API management platform now integrates with Layer7 Technologies XML security gateways.

3scale's API Management suite includes an API portal for developers and partners on-boarding and support, API access control, policies management, analytics and billing and payments features.

The Layer7 XML Gateway provides high performance traffic filtering, API security and attack protection, traffic routing, API transformation services and caching.

Enterprise API providers can use 3scale's plugin to issue API keys, policies and access rights that can be pushed and pulled between security gateways and 3scale's management dashboards.

Layer7 XML Gateway can be deployed on-premise, in a private or public cloud. With this new partnership 3Scale offers the same deployment flexibility for their API management solution.

The partnership gives 3Scale a leg up with the enterprise with a more robust, secure enterprise API gateway, and Layer7 gains a management suite to offer their API customers. It's a win for both of them, creating a very strong enterprise API solution.