"Building the Perfect API Stack"

As I'm reviewing APIs, I spend a lot of time considering the viability and business use cases for an API.

While considering this, I keep having thoughts about the perfect API stack. In my opinion, these are APIs that do one thing and do it well, makes a developers life easier, and have clear business value.

The first one that comes to mind is Twilio. When I think of Twilio, I think of two clear use cases: voice and SMS.

Voice and SMS are two critical tools to have in your developer toolbox. These are services that have clear value, that would take a lot of effort to duplicate yourself, making it a no brainer to pay for as a service.

In an effort to define the perfect API stack, I'm going to start blogging about APIs that fall into this category as I find them. They will be short posts that introduce you to these services, and when I get enough I will launch a landing page showcasing the perfect API stack.