My ProgrammableWeb Roundup for 9/9/2011

I made time for three posts on ProgrammableWeb this week. I provided some more coverage of Dreamforce, and their latest mobile platform.  Then I covered the US invasion of Viadeo Social Network, and called out the Government software provider TylerTech about their lack of API support for cities across the country.  Check the blog posts out for yourself:

APIs Drive the New Platform - Last week at the Dreamforce event in San Francisco, unveiled its new mobile platform called Built with HTML5, will allow users to access apps on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. At Dreamforce, acknowledged that the future of the enterprise is both social and mobile, and the APIs are a driving force.
Viadeo Looks to Take on LinkedIn in the US - Viadeo, a social network founded in 2004 with 35 million professional members worldwide, is looking to take on LinkedIn as the preferred business social network in the United States —  and the company thinks that its Viadeo API will do it. Viadeo recently launched a publicly available version of its API that provides full access to the social network’s users’ data including career, news, groups, jobs, schools and a users status and messaging system.
Every City Should Have an API - Let's Start With Watertown, MA - We all have a duty as citizens to participate in government, even if it’s just to vote.  With the convergence of the Internet, RESTful APIs, JSON, mobile phones and the wealth of programming resources available today, the opportunities to participate are increasing.

You can view more of my stories on ProgrammableWeb, and make sure and follow the other stories about APIs.