Easy API Development with apiary.io

I'm spending a lot of time lately evaluating the various API management service providers like 3Scale, ApigeeMashery,and Mashape.

One thing that I have to explain a lot to people about these API management services…is they are API management services. Not API deployment services.

The only one provider that has a solution to deploy your API is Mashape, but now there is a new provider gearing up, called Apiary.io. Apiary.io wants to make developing and implementing APIs a quicker process.

Apiary.io site says they will also help you describe, test, manage and share your API with developers.

I feel that API deployment services is a huge opportunity in this space, its good to see a provider step up that will help API owners deploy their APIs, as well as manage them.

Apiary.io is still in private Beta, so I can't take it for a spin yet. It will be interesting to learn more about what this latest API service provider can bring to the table.