Mashery Now Runs On-Premise or in the Cloud

Last week Mashery rolled out a new on-premise version of their API management proxy.  A solution meant to address a common concern of IT and API owners, that when using Mashery, all of their data and resources run through the Mashery proxy in the cloud.  This concern can be a show stopper for many companies.

Until this last week, Mashery had four API management solutions that all ran in the cloud.

Now Mashery has separated the proxy portion of their traffic manager into two offerings, one for the cloud and one for on-premise.

Mashery has bundled the new Mashery Cloud and Mashery Local with their existing API Traffic, API Analytics & Reporting and API Portal and are calling it, the Mashery API control center. Using the API control center you now have the flexibility to deploy on-premise or in the cloud as needed.

Of course the full benefits of the Mashery API Distribution Network which includes scalability, redundancy, PCI compliance, access to global partner network and SLA’s are only available for APIs deployed using Mashery Cloud.

Even though the Mashery API Control Center is meant to provide flexibility of deployment for API owners, the move is clearly a direct shot at their primary competitor Apigee, who have had an on-premise solution for some time, but Mashery claims their control center provides much more flexibility than "their competitors".