"Verizon API Delivers Faster Internet for Those Who Pay"

According to PCMag.com, Verizon will publish an API that could allow consumers to "turbocharge" the network bandwidth on their smartphone, for a small fee.

Developers could give users the option to pay for the extra bandwidth using a separate micro-transaction API, that Verizon Wireless is developing and hopes to have in place by the end of 2012.

I understand that wireless networks are often congested. But isn’t allowing someone to pay money and circumvent that congestion, creating two separate Internets? A faster one for those that can afford it and a slower one for those that cannot?

Would certain companies be able to offer users “turbocharge credits” when using their apps? So the Internet was faster, only when using the apps that could afford to buy its users attention.

I am pleased to see Verizon Wireless working on network optimization tools, but is this where we need to monetize the network? Seems like you could make the Internet fast for everyone and charge for other premium services.  You know, really innovate.