New Enterprise API Management Solution Called

I first reported on service oriented architecture (SOA) pioneer SOA Software’s entry into the API management arena back in June, today at the Cloud Computing Expo in Santa Clara, CA they are announcing the beta release of their enterprise API management solution called

SOA has taken their enterprise API management solution, and bundled it with many of the features we are growing accustomed to within open API ecosystems, and deployed as a new solution with a focus on community.

The new platform intends to bring together API owners and application developers into a community, providing a central place where an ecosystem can grow around each of your APIs, whether its a private or public initiative.

Atmosphere is taking the social aspects of popular, open API ecosystems, and are applying these concepts to the enterprise, providing not only a place where API owners and developers can come together, but it also invites business, marketing and creative folks to get involved--creating a truly collaborative, enterprise environment around any API initiative.

“Enterprises now have a choice in how they provide APIs. They can use Atmosphere Cloud to manage their developer community, and process messages on-premise.” said Alistair Farquharson, Chief Technology Officer, SOA Software. “This provides companies with complete control over their API traffic without requiring a large internal infrastructure to support their developer community.”

This evolution of the API ecosystem makes sense, by providing the same set of social features available within both public and private communities as well as on-premise or cloud deployments it provides a very agile, business development environment for enterprises to take advantage of.

I haven’t had a full test drive of SOA’s new platform, but from what I’ve seen it posseses all the characteristics I’ve seen with other API management providers, but also brings to the table important social and community layers that I think are essential to the future of APIs.

Disclosure:  I have consulted for SOA Software.