Should You Consider API Starter Kits for 3rd Party Platforms

While assembling the building blocks for a successful API ecosystem, one of the requests I get from developers is for tools to help them build successful integrations with existing platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, Facebook and Salesforce.

Some of the requests I get are from non-developers who just want a plug and play tool, they can deploy without needing to write code--but many of the requests are for white label, starter kits that developers can use to quickly deploy API driven applications on popular platforms like:

I’m not an expert in any of these platforms, but I find the more I dive into developing on these platforms, the more I learn and the more I discover other experts who really understand the ins and outs of building plugins and add-ons for 3rd party systems.  

In addition to building code samples, code libraries and generic start kits for your API, you may want to take a look at building white label, 3rd party platform plugins and add-ons your developers can use to quickly integrate your API into existing networks.  

At the very least, you will learn a lot.