Dwolla's New Developer Area is Not Just for Developers

Next generation payment platform Dwolla just revamped the home page of their developer center to speak to the widest audience possible. When you land at developers.dwolla.com you are given two options:

  • I can code - You know the difference between Java and JavaScript and just want to dive into our API documentation
  • I don't code - You're a non-technical executive, the master of partnerships and products, and want to know why Dwolla is right for you

This is an approach I've been long advocating for, and rarely see in API areas. The best case study I always point out is the LinkedIn developers area, who provide buttons, widgets and embeddable tools that non-developers can put to use.

Why do this? Well according to Dwolla, "One of the biggest misunderstandings about API portals is that their purpose is only for developers. That’s just not true. Integrations start with a spark of curiosity, “Would this work for my company?” Technical or not, who asks that question is irrelevant at that point; how it’s answered is what determines the outcome."

Dwolla's approach reflects the core philosophy of why I started API Evangelist. I'm not advocating just to developers about the power of APIs, I'm evangelizing to the business leaders and decision makers about the power of APIs.

While actually integrating with your API might be a technical endeavor, much of the business decision around using your API will most likely be made by a non-developer. Make sure your API speaks more than just geek, and reaches as wide an audience as possible.