Open Source Mobile Backend as a Service

I did a roundup of Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) providers last week, which brought in a couple recommendations of other companies I should include, and some interesting feedback on how APIs can be integrated with MBaaS platforms.

A very interesting comment left on the post was about MBaaS vendor lock-in:

The big problem, IMHO, using a BaaS provider is the so called "vendor lock in". What if my backend provider changes the pricing models, or dismisses the service and go out of the business?

To address this issue, the commenter said they are building an open source MBaaS platform, which anyone will be able to download and install on the server or cloud platform of their choice.

Just like with the recent addition of an open source API management platform, I think an open source Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) would benefit the space tremendously.

The new open source MBaaS is called BaaSBox, and is in early development. I found a Twitter account and Facebook page, which I'll pay attention to for updates.

While many of the MBaaS providers are catering to the most common needs of mobile application developers, I can envision an open source MBaaS platform opening up entirely new niche offerings that could provide developers with ready to go platforms for developing, deploying and managing very specialized mobile applications, without "vendor lock-in".  

I would like to hear your thoughts on MBaaS vendor lock-in and whether an open source version is necessary.