Steve Klabnik Added to Speakers at API Strategy & Practice

I’m stoked to announce that Steve Klabnik will be speaking at the API Strategy & Practice conference, November 1st & 2nd in New York City. I just added him to the homepage and speaker line-up.

Steve is a highly respected Ruby developer, software craftsman, and an aspiring digital humanities scholar. He spends most of his time contributing to Open Source projects, and maintains both Hackety Hack and Shoes, while also teaching and helping develop curriculum for Jumpstart Lab.

Steve has has written book on Designing Hypermedia APIs. Well it’s better than a book. I’d call it a "living digital book". One where you can constantly come back and get fresh content and interact with the books community and author. Much better than the old-school programming book, which you buy once and it sits on your shelf.

What intrigues me about Steve, is that his perspective is very technical, but in his own words, “I've found a place between the sciences and the humanities.” Which is a point of view we need to give a platform to, and everyone in Silicon Valley needs to listen.

Steve is exactly the fresh perspective we want to get at the API Strategy & Practice conference. I hope you can join us for the two day event in November and be there in person for Steve’s talk.