The Right Partnership for the API Strategy & Practice Conference

The API Strategy & Practice Conference is kicking off in 12 days in New York City. The event will be keynotes, sessions and panels from over 60 leading individuals across all sectors of the API industry.

I’ve wanted to have an API industry event that was about ideas, practice and strategy, not just about companies, their products and clients for a while now. This is something that I could never achieve on my own. I just don’t have the money or all the connections to bring everyone together.

To make API Strategy & Practice happen it took the right partnership. That partnership is with API service provider 3Scale. The 3Scale team views the industry much like I do, that by openly educating people about the benefits of APIs and discussing the technical, business and political challenges we face in the industry--we can truly make change across all business sectors.  Allowing all of us to be succesful in whatever products and services we provide.

Through the regular discussion I have with the 3Scale team, we discovered our shared desire to have such an API industry event. We discussed what the event would look like, then quickly started figuring out what it would take to make it happen. We felt we both had resources necessary to pull it off, and even though there is a lot of risk, that it was something that had to happen, for the benefit of the industry.

Here we are, 8 weeks later, and the event is a reality. I just wanted to say thanks to 3Scale for not just sharing my vision of the API industry, but also partnering with me to make this event a reality. I hope all my readers can make it to the event and participate in the discussions about APIs, platforms, mobile, and how we can all work to solve the biggest challenges in the space.  This discussion will allow all of us to make significant change across all business sectors and at all levels of government using APIs.

Make sure you are there November 1st and 2nd in New York City for the API Strategy & Practice Conference, so your voice can be part of the solution.

Thanks 3Scale!