API Evangelist Development Partner, Concentric Sky

Mobile app development is at the center of API deployment in 2012. Much of the interest in designing, developing and deploying APIs is so that you can successfully launch one, or multiple mobile applications.

I get a lot of questions from companies looking to deploy APIs, where they can find development talent that will help them with their API driven mobile initiatives. Up until now I didn’t have much to offer them, any mobile developer I know that is good, is already snatched up, and without direct experience deploying projects with a development shop, I didn’t have one to recommend.

Now that has changed, I’ve been working with a rock star web and mobile dev shop called Concentric Sky. And over the last couple years I have really gotten to know their team of developers and management--and I’ve been blown away by some of the projects they are producing:

Encyclopedia Britannica - for iPad and iPhone - The definitive encyclopedia app. Over 80,000 articles, and thousands of photographs - and the “LinkMap” lets you explore each article with a dynamic view of related topics.
NSF's STEP Central - Commissioned by the National Science Foundation (NSF), we designed and architected a robust, online community for STEP grantees to present and share their project information in a centralized place.
United Nations CountryStats - Developed for the United Nations, UN CountryStats is a data visualization app for iPhone and iPad that makes it easy to compare key economic, social, environmental, trade, and area & population indicators for 216 countries and territories. All data drawn from the United Nations' unique and authoritative data set.

Those are just a few of the amazing projects come out of Concentric Sky. I’m psyched to not just have a mobile and web development partner, but one of such high caliber. I’ve worked closely with their leadership, project managers and developers on a couple projects, lead their team on conference panels, and have made a habit of going out to lunch with members of their team when I’m in town.  

Now, in the future, when I get asked for recommendations of a mobile, web or API development shop, I’ll be sending them to Concentric Sky. Feel free to contact them directly and let them know I sent you, or you can contact me and I’m happy to introduce you to their team.