Top 10 Posts on API Evangelist in 2012

2012 has been a great year to be in the API space. We saw some pretty amazing growth, and everyone is talking APIs going into 2013.

I wrote 243 blog posts on API Evangelist in 2012. The top 10 posts for 2012 were:

  1. Barack Obama Directs All Federal Agencies to Have an API
  2. Twitter Rolls Back to a Server-Side Architecture
  3. The Secret to Amazons Success Internal APIs
  4. APIs Are Forever, Wait No...They Can Go Away at Any Time!!!
  5. 30 APIs To Look At When Planning Your API
  6. Let Developers Register for Your API with Their Github Profile
  7. Mobile Backend as a Service Roundup and the Future of Web APIs
  8. Github is the Social Network of the Future
  9. The Building Blocks of a Successful API
  10. Open Building Blocks for an API

I'm pretty proud of these posts. I think they represent the tone I'm trying to set with API Evangelist, and I'm stoked that people actually read them.  I'm looking forward to 2013!