Salesforce Plans to Move Code Share to Github

Salesforce has a pretty cool Code Share area within the DeveloperForce ecosystem, which allows developers to share code snippets with the rest of the community.

Its a pretty cool way for anyone to share their techniques as code samples in a variety of languages, then letting the community vet the code, fork larger projects, and collaborate to improve the code for the greater good.

Acknowledging that they don't have the internal resources to fully support the process, Salesforce has halted code samples submission, announcing plans to migrate the Code Sharing program to Github.

Github is already the largest code sharing platform, providing social tools that developers are used to. Salesforce's publiclackowledgement that they don't have the internal resources to operate, the fact they identify the importance of such a program, and the decision to migrate to Github are all very savvy moves by the API pioneer.

Github is one of the most important platforms you can use to support your API. Using Github to host all your API code samples and SDKs, whether they are generated internally or by your developers community is becoming more than a novelty, but an essential part of API operations.