Services Available From API Evangelist

I've had a lot of questions lately about how I make money, and how companies can either support what I do, and / or take advantage of services I offer. So I wanted to take some time to outline the services I offer to support the space, and make ends meet--while also keeping things moving forward in a healthy and positive way.  

Here are a few of the common areas I help my clients across multiple industries.  Let me know if they are of interest to you.


  • Hang Out (15 minutes free then $40 every 15 minute increment) - Google Hangouts are a great way to interact.  Let's talk.  The first 15 minutes are always free, then let's dive deeper into your goals, the industry and anything API related you want to know.
  • API Review (1250.00) - Want your API reviewed by API Evangelist?  Payment ensures your API will be reviewed, but not guarateed to be positive. :)
  • API Onboarding ($250.00) - I will onboard with your API just like any other developer and give you feedback on what worked, and where the friction was.
  • Coding (Contact Me) - Need code samples, starter projects?  I'm happy to be a paid developer, and produce code to stimulate adoption of your API.


  • Blog Posts - I love writing relevant blog posts.  If the topic area adds value to the community, and helps your company be heard I'm happy to blog away.
  • White Papers - I like doing deep dives into API related topics, producing white papers that help the industry move forward.
  • Presentation - I'm a prolific presentation writer using reveal.js.  Let me know how I can craft an API related story for your company.


  • Deployment ($100.00 / hr) - Let me help you plan your API deplokyment.  I can help offer a valuable perspective to balance your team with a little outside perspective. 
  • Management ($100.00 / hr) - Need some help evaluating your approach to managing your API?  I can help bring in an approach developed by looking at the top API providers in the space.  
  • Evangelism ($100.00 / hr) - Let me help you build a strategy to evangelize your API. Marketing your API to developers as wel as a larger audience can take careful planning.
  • Events ($100.00 / hr) - Are you looking to plan a conference, meetups or hackathosns that involve APIs?  I can help you plan and execute a worthwhiel event.


  • Subsidize Existing - Do you want to help make sure one of my existing projects or research are successful?  Contact Me and find out how to get involved.
  • Custom - Do you have API related research your company needs done?  Let's talk about your goals. 


  • Standard Montlhy - $1,500.00
    • Writing ($500.00) - Access to all of my long form content.  White papers, research, etc.
    • Data ($250.00) - I generate a lot of data exhaust tracking, ranking and curating the API space.  I have JSON data available across all aspects of my work.
    • Logo ($250.00) - Placement of maximum 250px width logo on right hand menu of API Evangelist properties.
    • 4 Consulting Hours ($300.00) - Four hours of conversation via phone, skype or hangout each month.
    • Keywords ($100.00) - Your company name plus one other keyword or key phrase of choice which will link to URL of your choice.
    • Weekly / Monthly Summary ($100.00)  I produce a weekly and montly sumary of the top APIs and industries, with curated news and my analsis from the API industry.
  • Partner - Contact Me


  • Events (Contact Me) - Let me know if you'd like me to speak at your conference, meetup or hackathon.
  • In-House (Contact Me) - I'm happy to come out for the day at speak to your company or organization about the API space and provide feedback on your approach.

I'm not a startup, I'm a one man show looking to build awareness of best practices within the API space.  I do ot have any products or specific vendors to endorse.  My goal is to make sure the space is as healthy as possible and make just enough money to have the largest reach possible, and educate about the potential of APIs.