Five Separate API Event Series In 2013

When it came to API focused events, the only conference there was to attend was the Business of APIs Conference, from Mashery. They have been putting on the conference(correct me if I’m wrong) since 2007. There wasn’t much of an "API Industry" back then, and Mashery was definitely the pioneer in the space, getting the word out and along with ProgrammableWeb, has done a lot to define the API space.

Fast forward five years, and after the successful API Strategy & Practice in February (originally scheduled for November), there are now five API event series going on:

It is exciting to see the explosion of events, and I’m hopeful regarding how much progress will occur in 2013 with this many conversations going on. It is also promising to see the international growth, with Nordic APIs happening in Scandinavia, API Days coming from France, Business of APIs in London and API Summit spreading the conversation from United States and Australia.

With this amount of buzz, APIs will definitely continue its spread to the mainstream. My only hope is that all the events make sure and represent the space well by being interoperable and sharing content, speakers and ideas openly so that the entire industry benefits.