Work On The Next Version Of The Crocodoc API

by Kin Lane, API Evangelist Twitter LinkedIn Github Email

It looks like the HTML5 document embedding platform Crocodoc is starting to plan the next version of their API. The are being very transparent about the process (which I like), and putting out the word looking for some new team members to help them get the job one.

Over the next couple weeks they want build an API that is simple and easy to use, but also capable of handling tens of millions of document conversations a month. To help get the job done they are looking for:

  • Sales Engineers - Boots on the ground to let them know what people want and to help us engage the developer community
  • JavaScript Engineers - Help them open source the demos we build and design our client-side libraries
  • DevOps Engineers - Help them build the infrastructure we use to convert millions of documents each month

I found the Crocodoc posting on Hacker News, but I’m writing about because I appreciate API owner sending out signals that they are planning the next version of their API. This type of transparancy is not just important in helping you find talent to make it happen, it sends a signal to the community that you are beginning a planning cycle and can encourage community feedback and involvement.   

The Crocodoc API reworking sounds like a pretty innovative project to work on, and the Crocodoc team looks like a pretty smart team to get a chance to work with.