API Priorities

I spend a lot of time on API Evangelist getting excited about APIs. Going on three years doing this, I'm getting a little more hardened in my view on what is "good" in the API space. Along with that evolution, I'm getting my priorities in order.

While I may get excited about cloud computing APIs or quantified self APIs, there are other areas I think are straight up priorities--ones that we can't ignore. To support this I'm launching several research projects into areas I have labeled as API priorities:

These represent areas I'm actively doing research in, looking for the best APIs, tools, services, building blocks and news while also generating as much analysis and white papers as I can to help define what is going on.

As with all of the API Evangelist network of research projects, everything is a work in progress and represents what I have time to dive into. If you see anything missing, or feel some priority areas are not represented, let me know.