Who Are The Top BaaS Providers?

The definition of what is a BaaS provider has not just an evolving meaning, but also means different things to different people. API Evangelist is looking to help define the space, and formulate a way for discovering new providers, while defining the different types of existing providers, potentially establishing a harder definition for BaaS.

When it comes to BaaS there are a handful of clear leaders who are dominating the space.  These leading BaaS providers are delivering the features that developers are demanding, while also working define the best of breed services that are leading the space in new directions.  

After reviewing the space, monitoring the blogging and tweet volume of each provider, their activity on Github as well as references to them in top blogs like TechCrunch and GigaOM, and discussion about them on Reddit and Hacker News, it is easy to identify the leaders.  Because of their own efforts, but also the conversations of analysts and developers, a pattern for BaaS success begins to emerge.